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Delhi police arrests men planning to play Holi with Sarah Palin

19, Mar 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Police have arrested at least seven young men, who were planning to play Holi in total “desi style” with US leader Sarah Palin, who arrives in India this evening to take part in the India Today Conclave. These men, all aged between 25-35 years, were carrying “suspected materials” and loitering around Taj Palace Hotel, where the conclave is taking place, when they were arrested this afternoon.

“We have recovered huge cache of color concentrates, bhaang, Chinese pichkari, oil sachets, water pouches, and balloon like inflatable rubber cases from them; all of which they were planning to use against the visiting US dignitary,” informed sub-inspector Gulaalchand Rai.

Tina Fey or Sarah Palin
Some genuine and photoshopped pictures of Sarah Palin, a former model and beauty contest winner, was also found in possession of the arrested men.

The arrested men, who call themselves “Palin Ke Dabangg Devar” (brave brother-in-laws of Palin), have claimed innocence and maintain that they were peacefully waiting for Palin Bhabhi to arrive when they were roughed up and arrested by the local police.

“When Obama Bhaiyya had come to India, didn’t he celebrate Diwali? Were those who arranged for diyas and candles arrested?” Chanchal Chauhan, one of the arrested men protested, “We were there just to help Palin Bhabhi celebrate Holi in true Indian style.”

“Obama Bhaiyya had also danced,” reminded Jeetendra Prasad, another arrested man, “What’s wrong if we also wanted to dance a little with Palin Bhabhi?”

The arrested group further claimed that they had “bona fide” intentions and had even planned of “organic Holi” with Sarah Palin, but police disputes their claims.

“These guys tried to grab one of our women constables, who was on patrol as an undercover agent near the hotel and wore Palin like dress and glasses,” sub-inspector Rai said, “Their concept of ‘organic’ is a Holi that is played with organs!”

“They are just hooligans who call themselves devar of Palin. Ask anyone of them if they know who their bhaiiya is? I mean ask them who is the husband of Sarah Palin? Just ask them,” the sub-inspector threw a challenge.

“Bill Clinton?” was one the answers when Faking News put the query to the arrested men. The self-styled brother-in-laws finally gave up and accused the police of torturing them into forgetting the name.

Following this arrest, security has been further tightened in Delhi to make sure that Palin is not touched or flirted with on Holi eve. “We will make sure that none of the hooligans reach her, but can’t guarantee if there is any Zardari like figure inside the conclave,” sub-inspector Rai said.