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Delhi records its most peaceful day in history as senior politicians and journalists leave for Chennai

06, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Crime graph in the national capital showed a tremendous drop during the past 24 hrs as almost all senior politicians and journalists left the city for Chennai. Due to the unfortunate demise of Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalitha, everyone was in Chennai to pay their respects and as a result, Delhi got its most peaceful day in recorded history.

India Gate
No protesters in sight today

It was the most peaceful day for the capital with no protests happening anywhere. Even the queues outside ATMs were shorter than usual as every ATM didn’t have 20 reporters camped outside. Even the pollution levels dropped drastically and people enjoying fresh air after a gap of several years.

“Incredible! Delhi feels like one big happy family this morning. Strangers smiling at each other, morning walkers hugging, drivers not honking needlessly on the roads. Hope it lasts”, said a junior reporter who stayed behind to manage the office as her senior colleagues left for Chennai.

A spokesperson for Delhi Police told Faking News said,”This is the best day of my professional life and I have been working for 21 years. There are no protests at Jantar-Mantar or India Gate, there are no irritating journalists asking stupid questions, there is no VIP duty that we have to arrange. There has been no call to 100 number today reporting a crime. We could really get used to this kind of life.”

Meanwhile, someone has started a change petition online asking for a permanent ban on politicians and journalists from Delhi. Once the petition touches 1 Million signatures, it will be submitted to the Prime Minister. In response to this, people from across the country have started a counter petition asking the government to keep the capital in Delhi. That petition already has 100 Million signatures.