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Delhi smog: Parents find missing son after losing him in house for 3 days

13, Nov 2017 By itsmihir1993

The thick smog has engulfed Delhi and the surrounding regions, which has adversely affected visibility and breathing. The smog has not just affected motorists but also the residents, who are unwilling to step out of the house due to the fear that they might lose their way back to home. In a shocking incident, Mr and Mrs Sharma, residing in Janakpuri lost their 4-year-old son Chintu, only to find him in the bedroom three days after lodging an official complaint with police.


The Sharmas panicked as they could not find their son due to low visibility in the house. “We complained to the police but they could not locate him in the entire city. The policemen could not even locate their police station due to which we had to take them to our house. After spending three days in our house and enjoying the freebies, they found Chintu from the bedroom,” said Mrs Sharma, who was ready to host the policemen for more days.

This is not the only incident in Delhi where people have gone missing due to thick smog. “Every morning, I used to lose one sock from the pair and my mother would find it for me. Now, due to the smog, I often lose my mother in the house and it gets really difficult to find her,” said a Delhi teenager. Owing to low visibility in the region in the month of November, the government is also considering to make Delhi a World Hide and Seek Competition site.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has proposed the Odd-Even scheme as a measure to curb pollution in the region. Under the second edition of the proposed Odd-Even scheme, the CM announced that he will be blaming the Punjab CM on odd and Haryana CM on even days for the pollution in Delhi.