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Delhi toddler suspected of being kidnapped later found in bedroom, parents failed to see him due to smog

10, Nov 2017 By @jurnoleast

3 year old Anshuman Singh, who was suspected to have been kidnapped, was found today in the bedroom of his flat after his parents said that they failed to locate him due to smog.

Parents of the boy lodged a police complaint this morning at a local police station and also shared details on social media.

“So many kidnapping cases happening these days. We thought our son was also kidnapped. But later we found him playing in the bedroom. That’s when we realized how the smog had affected our visibility and we couldn’t even spot our son in the house,” said Mr. Singh.

Even before Anshuman was found, Delhi Police were doing their best as usual in trying to locate the toddler.

Senior police officials claimed to have solved the case in 5 hours by forcing the maid servant working with the family to confess to the crime.

It was later when the boy was found in the bedroom, the cops realized their mistake and released the servant. “Hota hai kabhi kabhi aisa. Chalta hai,” said a senior cop investigating the kidnapping.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that given the low visibility in the city, parents should be extra careful if they kids in the house. In the same breath he said that he will make sure that odd-even scheme is back in action so that such incidents don’t happen in future.

When questioned if preventing farmers from burning stubble would be a better idea than distributing hats, he walked away citing an important meeting.