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Delhi traffic police to get custom made Segway to prevent traffic jams while collecting odd-even fines: Kejriwal

29, Dec 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: In an effort to ensure that the odd-even formula goes through without any traffic problems, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has announced that traffic cops in Delhi will get custom made Segway’s to prevent traffic jams while collecting fines.

AAP leader Ashutosh testing a Segway
AAP leader Ashutosh testing a custom made Segway

Speaking at a press conference he said, “I am fully aware that the odd-even formula looks stupid on paper and it will look even more stupid when implemented, but at least we have made a start. I have had meetings with officials of transport department and traffic control and traffic congestion while collecting fines seems to be a big problem. To counter this we are planning to give a Segway to every traffic cop in the city, so that they can chase and collect fines from those who break the odd-even rule.”

As per sources, the custom made Segway is currently being tested by AAP leader Ashutosh and few traffic cops were also seen trying them out on Delhi’s congested roads.

“Yes, I am testing the scooter model and I must say that I am having fun. Now thullas need not worry about collecting fines from offenders. I am pretty sure that our odd-even experiment will be successful,” he said as he waved and zipped off on his Segway to Chandni Chowk, busy with last minute preparations for AAP’s New Year Bash.

However, traffic cops who tested it were not so optimistic. “I thought Segways would be great help, but since the time we got these for testing, all I have done is drop and pick-up our Transport Minister Mishraji’s son from school. Not just that, my wife expects me to use Segway to get grocery when I am returning home. Just yesterday we had a big fight when I refused to take her double-seat on Segway, said a traffic police official as he checked WatsApp msg from his wife, asking him to get carrots on the way home.

When asked about some overweight traffic policemen not able to balance themselves on Segway, Ashutosh said that he had another idea in mind as shown in the video below.