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Delhi University to decide cut off on the basis of cumulative marks of students and their parents

07, Jun 2017 By Guest Patrakar

After High Court reprimanded Delhi University over increasing cut-offs, DU Board on Tuesday took some serious measures to bring more clarity in the admission process. In one such step, DU has decided to include students’ parent marks too for deciding the cut-off. 

Faking News reporter spoke to DU Vice-Chancellor Mr. David Katoff, David said, “A student’s performance is not only limited to their mental capability or the hard work they do but also the parental pressure they go through, the marksheet you see is also the reflection of their parents’ performance. That’s why we have decided to consider cumulative 12th board results of students and their parents.”

V K Todu, Principal of SRBC college, in a press conference said “It had become really difficult for us to select right students for our college since every second student was scoring above 99%. Board had a brain storming session to decide the cut-off for this year undergraduate courses. Including parents’ score will put pressure on parents’ and this will make them understand what students go through.”

CM Arvind Kejriwal has welcomed the step and said only under AAP such strict measures can be taken. He also congratulated Deputy CM Manish Sisodia for this.

Social Media largely made fun of the news and many called the step utterly stupid

One twitter user tweeted: 

Dad: Beta padh lo warna admission nahi milega

Son: Papa ye baat dada ji ne aapsi boli hoti to mujhe itna nahi padhna padta

DU cutoffs will be announced early next week and cut offs are expected to be high, so let’s see what happens with thousands of students & and their parents meanwhile keep reading Faking News.