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Delhi University’s FYUP deadlock resolved, students allowed to bunk 1 out of 4 years

26, Jun 2014 By jyotil

New Delhi. The ongoing impasse over Delhi University’s four-year undergraduate program (FYUP) has been resolved.

Sources tell Faking News that in a tripartite meeting attended by representatives of the Delhi University (DU), the University Grants Commission (UGC), and millions of Student Unions present on DU campus, the representatives could find a common ground.

“The solution massages everyone’s ego and implementation of the solution is very easy,” a source disclosed, “Apart from ego, it also satisfies needs and demands of the three parties involved.”

As per the arrangement, DU has been allowed to offer the FYUP with a curriculum that allows the students to bunk one full year of the program.

DU celebrations
It’s party time on the campus

“Since technically it will be a four-year program, DU is happy. UGC is happy that the course curriculum is essentially of three years, while students are happy that they will have the luxury of bunking an entire year,” a DU professor explained.

Sources claim the solution was proposed by a professor who was planning to go on a holiday owing to the FYUP impasse and thus the delay in admissions. While looking for hotel stay packages, he came across a deal where he was offered 4th night stay free for paying up only for 3 nights.

Once this idea was tossed in the meeting, all the three parties displayed great maturity and ingenuity to resolve the long standing issue. Within four minutes, representatives agreed to end the impasse.

As soon as the news of the resolution was broken, there were widespread celebrations by everyone on the campus.

Professors at DU, except the Vice Chancellor, are happy that they won’t have to teach for an extra year as students will be busy bunking classes, while UGC officials are happy that DU was doing what they had always wanted.

Expectedly, the students are the happiest.

“This is awesome!” said a student with 99% marks hoping to get admission in DU, “But I fear that the cutoffs for the FYUP will get really high as everyone loves to bunk. It will be most sought after course.”

“It is a step in right direction,” a DUSU leader told Faking News, “Bunking, a very important feature in a student’s life, finally gets the due that it always deserved. We have always fought for injustice towards this long standing ritual and are happy that our friends will not have to come up with lame excuses for doing something that should have been legal way back.”