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Delhiites rush to collect 27% electricity lost during transmission

27, Jun 2014 By planetdeepak

New Delhi:  A shocking revelation by the power minister Piyush Goyal, that 27 out of every 100 electric units are lost in transmission, made Delhiites gather today in large number under transmission lines, to collect the leaking units.

Delhi is dealing with an acute power crisis, and the population seemed eager to collect as many units as possible. People carried buckets, bottles and dabbas, all made of plastic, to store the collected unitsResidents strongly believed that 27% is merely an official figure; the actual units for grab could be much more than what the minister quoted.

Power lines
Hurry up!

Earlier, confusion prevailed over exact identification of the ‘leak spots’ in transmission lines. Guess work and luck played a crucial role at start in acquiring the units. Rajeev, a college student from Saket was amongst the first collectors.

On asking how he identified the leak spot, Rajeev admitted candidly, “I was just lucky to stand at the right place at the right time. I collected 10 units but then my bucket started overflowing and I had nothing else to store. I’m quite happy with the catch as I can now watch all the world cup matches using these units. ”

Social networking sites were full of rumors about leaks occurring at various places. Many became victims to hoax calls. “I received a call about this big leak happening in Dwarka and drove 30 km just to find out that some BC  played a dirty prank. My daughter is preparing for her Medical Entrance. I’m in a big need of units for her studies,” said Mr. Shah, one of the rumor victims.

Later in the day, the situation stabilized as more leaks started appearing in the lines and the locals getting better at identifying the leak spots.

Mohan, a Pahadganj resident who collected 40 units till afternoon explained his modus operandi.

“It’s simple. Not many people know that street dogs have a special sense to identify electric poles and fields. I walked my dog Moti under the Pahadganj transmission lines, and put a family member (total sixteen) at every spot where Moti wagged his tail vigorously. If you want to collect large number of units you should have a good street dog and a big family,” said Mohan feeding Parle-G to his beloved pet.

All street dogs in Delhi were adopted, within minutes of Faking News publishing the story of Mohan and Moti.

However, all are not dog-friendly, especially with street dogs. For such people, Vasu, a third year computer engineering student at IIT Delhi has an alternative. With a few hours of programming this genius has developed a mobile app that does the same function as Moti.

Vasu explained, “Street dogs are unhygienic and if they bite you get rabies. Also animal rights issues are involved here (Vasu is also a PETA volunteer).  I studied the genetic structures and neural programming of street dogs and incorporated that in my app to create ‘Virtual Dog’. The mobile starts barking (alert) and vibrates vigorously once you are in the leak spot zone.”

“Tests carried out under Pahadganj transmission lined proved 99% accurate with the mobile ‘barking & vibrating’ at all spots where Moti wagged his tail,” said an ecstatic Vasu.

When asked to highlight one major advantage of using his app over street dogs, Vasu was quick to reply, “Dogs urinate, my app doesn’t. It’s environment friendly.”

People seemed to agree with Vasu as the app received a 4.5 star rating and was downloaded 32768 times, after he uploaded the app on his blog.