Dentist holding the placard that read ‘I go out for you, Stay home for me’ was actually going out to buy groceries

20, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Health Workers have been the warriors who have kept us safe from the corona pandemic.

i stay home

The recent campaign where the doctors were seen holding placards that read ‘I work 24/7 for you, You stay at home’ went viral and has ensured that more and more people stay at home. But recently a dentist was also seen holding such a placard. At first, people were surprised as to what a dentist does by going out.

And then after research done by the Faking News team, it was found that the dentist was just going out to buy groceries. There was no bad intention and it was a genuine placard. He just was saying to his family to stay inside the home while he brings the essentials from the market during the stipulated time.

He also spoke to our team and said “My doctor brothers and sisters are doing their jobs and it is our duty to stay inside. I also urge all the physiotherapists to stay inside the home.  I care for my family and hence used the placard to make them aware of the situation.”