IT Dept to hold a special ‘Dandia Nite’ for people who have voluntarily disclosed their black money

06, Oct 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: There is some good news in store for those who have voluntarily disclosed their black money under IT Department’s VDI scheme. The income tax department is planning to have a special ‘Dandia Nite’ that will felicitate individuals and businesses that have voluntarily disclosed their black money.

See you there !
See you there !

Speaking to Faking News senior official form the IT department said, “As you know our country has always grappled with the problem of black money. This time we have collected a considerable sum and we’d like to express our gratitude to those who have come forward voluntarily. So we have organized a special Dandia event for all those who have helped make VDIS a success.”

As per sources, celebrities from Bollywood are also expected to mark their presence at the event.

Many Surat businessmen, who proudly displayed their black money, have also confirmed attendance.

The department says that such events will break the ice between the tax-man and the common man.

IT dept’s latest attempt may have many fans, but not everybody is pleased. “I declared 40 crores hoping that it will be put to some good use. But it seems like a bad start already,” said the owner of a roadside eatery.

The IT department may have all plans ready to make this event a big success but source from the Finance Ministry revealed that Govt. has asked the department to refrain from making it an extravaganza. “We already are having problem with the chest thumping by certain individuals over the surgical strikes. Now we don’t want to land into another controversy, “said the source.

Meanwhile, there was news that IT dept has further extended its window for disclosing black money. “There were some people who failed to get overpriced tickets at other Navratri events and wanted to attend our ‘Dandia Nite’. So they have agreed to shell out a couple of crores as black money and be part of our celebration,” said an IT official.