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Designer presents wearable collection at fashion show, gets boycotted by fashion community

21, Mar 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: A debutante fashion designer Pinky Sodhi was boycotted by the fashion community for showcasing a collection that was ‘wearable’ and for the general public.

Model displaying 'regular' outfit at a fashion show
Model displaying ‘regular’ outfit at a fashion show

The recently held Delhi Fashion Week, which has seen a fair bit of drama after inviting Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal as its chief guest, saw another controversy erupting after miffed designers threatened to leave the show mid-way if organizers didn’t take action against Pinky Sodhi for violating the ‘unwritten rules’ of a fashion show.

Speaking to Faking News veteran fashion designer Pammi Singh said, “This is sacrilege. I have been in this industry for 25 years and never before did I come across something like this. How can a designer showcase a collection that is wearable. Something that is commonplace. Don’t these debutante designers realize that these clothes are not meant to be worn.”

Other fashion designers echoed similar views. Designer Vicky S who’s inner-wear collection is scheduled on the last day of the fashion week was livid and said, “I thought I will wow the community with my latest collection. I had ordered fruits from all across the country and had plans use the skin of the fruits to create my unique lingerie collection called Vicky’s Organic Secret. But all my plans are down the drain. I was expecting high profile clients for my collection; I don’t think that’s possible now. I’ll have to spend the next three months eating these fruits that I have ordered,” he wailed.

Clients too were disappointed with way collections were getting more mass oriented. “There was a time when we had nude male models with a snake wrapped around their body covering their privates walk the ramp, and it was hailed as revolutionary. The current crop of designers needs to learn something from the bygone era,” said a client who didn’t wish to be named.

Apparently, Pinky Sodhi has gone  underground and our emails and sms’ didn’t elicit a response from her.

Meanwhile, sponsors were happy with the incident hoping that it will help getting the event some attention. “There has been no coverage of this event anywhere in the media. We have spent a huge chunk on this event. We thought inviting the Delhi CM will help, but seems like media’s fascination with him too is waning. We are planning to have Kanhaiya Kumar as the show stopper for the event. Maybe if he walks the ramp and chants a few anti-national slogans, the media might just turn their attention,” said a sponsor.