Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


Desperate for cigarette, man digs tunnel from his house to nearest paan-beedi shop, tunnel better than Mumbai Metro digging say experts

26, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

The lock-down has affected many common citizens across the country, but it seems that smokers are the worst hit. As paan-beedi shops have downed shutters, cigarettes have become elusive. Life has become more painful than 10 minutes of Baaghi 3.

This desperation led a Mumbai based man to dig a tunnel from his house to his neighborhood cigarette shop, hoping to get his hands on something at-least.

Sources say the man began digging yesterday night, when his craving was at its peak, and in matter of just 12 hours reached the shop 100 meters from his house through the underground tunnel.

A civil engineer who is part of the Mumbai Metro project, spoke to our reporter said, “I have never seen anything like this before. Even our boring machines cannot achieve what this guy has done. If we have around 10-12 desperate chain smokers to do the job for us, I say we can get rid of these huge boring machines. And all this would be completed in half the time.”

It is not yet known if the man has managed to lay his hands on a cigarette but several smokers from the city in a show of empathy chipped in to arrange a packet for him.

Many even requested PM Modi to categorize cigarette as essential commodity so that it is available at every store amidst the lock-down.

There was no word from the Govt, but sources say that an announcement in this regard could be made in PM’s next 8pm address to the nation.