Desperate to get a seat in a crowded Virar local, man deliberately sneezes several times while claiming to have returned from China 

05, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

Fights over seats in crowded local trains is passe. A man from Mira road found a better way to not just get a seat, but to ensure that he travels to destination in an empty local.

Sandeep Pradhan, a bank employee from Mira Road, had to go through his daily grind to try and squeeze himself into a local train on his way to work. But things changed for him today after he came up with a plan to end his ordeal by making full use of the Coronavirus outbreak globally.

Speaking to Faking News, visibly proud of his achievement, he said, “These goons from Virar block the entrance to the compartment. They don’t let us get in and even if we manage to do so, they wont let us have a seat.

Eyewitness revealed that the compartment was empty in no time as all passengers alighted on the next station.

After the news went viral, many marveled at Santosh while some even criticized him for trivializing a global epidemic. “Unprecedented scenes are being witnessed, people afflicted with the disease are suffering and here we have a man who fakes it just to get a seat in a local train. I say punish this man by giving him a seat in a theater that is playing Housefull 4 on loop,” remarked a passenger.

Sources say that a few other passengers too tried the trick with good results. Apparently, a few political parties too got in touch with Sandeep after the news went viral.

“I got an anonymous call and the caller wanted to know if I could come to Delhi wearing a surgical mask. They probably wanted to get rid of the protesters at Shaheen Bagh,” he said while speaking to our reporter.