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Desperate to retain the title of National Animal, anxious tiger sends his mating video to Rajasthan HC judge to prove tigers have sex

01, Jun 2017 By @jurnoleast

Reacting to the statement of Rajasthan High Court judge, who said that cows instead of peacock be declared as national animal as peacock don’t have sex, a Royal Bengal Tiger from Jim Corbett Park has sent his alleged ‘sex CD’ to the judge in an effort to convince that tigers do have sex.

Tigers indulging in some foreplay
Tigers indulging in some foreplay

The judge’s statement has sent the entire population of tigers in India in a tizzy who are now concerned about the tag of national animal being taken away from them.

“We have recieved around 500 MB of video data stored in the CD which shows scenes captured during mating season of tigers,” said a senior official of Rajasthan HC.

It seems like a desperate effort from the tiger community fearing losing out to cows, which currently are all over the news channels.

Faking News reporter visited Jim Corbett Park and had an exclusive interview with the tiger who sent the ‘sex videos’. Amidst occasional swims in the nearby pond to bear the summer heat, the tiger said, “Things are not looking good for us tigers. Our population is on the decline. We are losing our identity. Bollywood is stealing our name without giving us credit. Look at Tiger Shroff, so shameless,” he exclaimed.

“When I heard about the entire peacock-cow controversy, I knew I had to do something to save the identity of tigers. So I sent across the mating video we shot for National Geographic. At least after seeing the video the judge wouldn’t have any doubt that tigers have sex. Tigers are and will always be the national animal,” he added, in a threatening tone.

It is not yet known if the judge has viewed the CD but sources from Rajasthan High Court say that a statement will be made public soon on the latest development.