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Desperate for stardom, struggling male actor dresses up as Italian woman and tries seducing Salman Khan to land a role in Bollywood movie

28, Dec 2018 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai Police today arrested a 27 year old man for masquerading as Italian woman and attempting to seduce Salman Khan to land a role in a Bollywood movie.

The man(name withheld) hails from Bihar and has been struggling for a break in the industry for quite some time.

While speaking to Faking News, a senior police official said, “We arrested him from Salman’s birthday party after we got a call that a firangi cross-dresser was caught trying to get cozy with Salman.”

Cops revealed that the man youth was desperate for a role and found seducing Salman as a short cut to stardom.

The bollywood actor was celebrating his 53rd birthday at his Karjat farmhouse where this incident happened.

As per eyewitness account, one ‘Italian looking woman’ dressed in a shimmering bold outfit was trying her best to get Salman’s attention.

“At one point, when bhai was about to cut the cake, she got too close. Even pushing aside Katrina and Lulia. That’s when Shera (Salman’s bodyguard) grew suspicious and pounced on her. As they fell on the ground, two regular sized tennis balls popped out of the woman’s dress. We immediately called the cops,” said Sohail Khan.

In his defence, the accused put forth his frustration at not getting a foothold in the industry. His piling debt made him take this desperate step. “I dreamt of becoming an actor. But I realised that I did not have the acting talent. Being from hinterland, my Hindi wasn’t good either. I tried my luck But then I saw how Katrina and Lulia landed roles in big banners. Initially I thought of sex change and then seducing Salman or Arbaaz. But that was too expensive. Cross-dressing seemed easier,” he revealed.

Sources say that this was not his first attempt. On earlier occasion too, he tried his luck with Karan Johar after claiming to be a star kid related to the Kapoor family.