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Dhawan ruled out for rest of the year after further diagnosis reveals injury to inner thigh due to excessive slapping

14, Jun 2019 By @jurnoleast

Indian cricket team, which found itself in a quandary after Shikhar Dhawan was ruled our following injury, will now have to find a replacement not just for the World Cup.


Sources say that further medical examinations on Shikhar revealed that the batsman had injuries on his inner thigh too. The injuries are believed to have happened as a result of excessive slapping, a Dhawan signature celebration move.

A team of doctors carried out tests and X-ray to identify the extent of injury and if it would hurt the cricketers chances of playing cricket.

Sources say that Shikhar’s thigh has been at the receiving end of post match celebrations and though the cricketer had complained about thigh cramps, he didn’t seek any medical help which aggravated the injury.

Faking News spoke to team physio to get an idea of the extent of the injury and he said, “His thigh has taken a lot of beating. Other players too used to slap his thigh in the dressing room to celebrate a win. Never realized it would affect his career like this.”

Doctors have warned that any more slaps could render the thigh permanently cramped and have asked the cricketer to give his thigh some rest. “The finger injury he got in the match against Australia is showing signs of healing. But the bigger worry is the muscle tear in his thigh. It would take months before that heals. He needs to stop this slapping,” said the doctor attending to Shikhar.

Team mates and fans were concerned about Shikhar’s health and even tweeted for him to get well soon. “Celebrations on the ground won’t be same anymore without Gabbar and his thigh slaps,” tweeted Virat Kohli, giving an indication that Shikhar’s absence would affect the team morale.

Sources say that Pant, who is the replacement for Dhawan, has been asked to practice thigh slaps in the nets so that team India does not feel the absence of Shikhar.