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Dhinchak Pooja files copyright violation case against Aamir Khan after he reveals his next movie is about a girl singer who becomes a YouTube sensation

03, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Fresh trouble for Aamir Khan! On Wednesday, Aamir Khan released the trailer of his next movie Secret Superstar, that is about a girl who sings and becomes a YouTube sensation overnight. After the trailer came out, YouTube sensation Dhinchak Pooja filed a copyright violation case against Aamir.


Dhinchak Pooja wrote in her application, “From the trailer, it seems Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie Secret Superstar is my biopic. Aamir Khan has not taken my approval, I am giving him two options either to pay me royalty or face non-bailable charges”.

Chetan Bhagat came in support of Dhinchak Pooja and said, “it’s not the first time Aamir Khan has done this. The premise of the movie 3 idiots was also lifted from my best seller novel, Five Point Someone”.

Troubles don’t seem to end for Aamir Khan. A few days back Aamir Khan had to clarify that his upcoming movie, Thug of Hindostan, is not his biopic and now this. Dhinchak Pooja has a huge follower base and if Aamir Khan doesn’t apologise or pay royalty to Dhinchak Pooja he might have to face the wrath of his followers.

These days biopics are doing well commercially too and that’s the main reason movie directors and producers are more inclined towards making biopics than the usual fictional love stories. Biopic is a way to tell common people about the extraordinary people who have brought positive change to the society. Aamir Khan making a biopic on Dhinchak Pooja will bring more people on the YouTube platform. This is worrying.