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Dhoni, Nehra to watch "Dum Maaro Dum" to support Bipasha Basu

16, Mar 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni and hugely popular fast bowler Ashish Nehra have decided to return the favor to Bipasha Basu, who along with Abhishek Bachchan and other actors of the upcoming movie Dum Maaro Dum, had attended the world cup match between India and South Africa last Saturday, apparently to support team India.

Nehra believes that more than Indian cricket team, it’s Bipasha Basu’s career that needs star support currently.

Ashish Nehra
Nehra also dismissed criticism that batsmen see the ball as a big football when he bowls

All The Best, Pankh, Lamhaa, and Aakrosh; those are the last four movies by Bips,” said Ashish Nehra, making his first public appearance since the Nagpur match, “The box-office performance of these films are comparable to the performance of last four balls bowled by me in the last over of the last match.”

But Dhoni, who had earlier run between cameras with Bipasha Basu during an ad-shoot for Reebok shoes, didn’t quite agree with Nehra’s comparison.

“If we had to support an actor’s career, we’d have rather decided to support Abhishek Bachchan,” he said.

The Indian captain claimed that that he was greatly moved by Bipasha’s selfless love for cricket and team India during the last match, and that was the sole reason why he had decided to return the favor.

Bipasha and Dhoni in a Reebok ad
Mahendra Singh Dhoni appreciated Bipasha Basu for supporting his boys

“No, I don’t think she was there to promote her film. Well of course she wanted to cheer us up; how can you be so naive?” Dhoni rejected criticisms that Bipasha and the entire star cast of Dum Maaro Dum were trying to promote the movie during the match that India lost.

Faking News reminded Dhoni that boxer Vijendra Singh had lost his match in Beijing Olympics two years ago when Bipasha decided to support him, and asked the Indian captain whether it proved that Bipasha brought bad luck to sportspersons.

“Not at all, this is as bad as comparison that claims that India loses each time Sachin scores a century,” Dhoni defended Bipasha yet again, and in the process finally defended Sachin as well.

The date and venue of Dhoni and Nehra making a public appearance to watch the movie have been kept secret for security reasons.

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