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Did Savita Bhabhi know too much about spectrum allotment scam?

28, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. An undercover investigation by Faking News into the issue of internet censorship has thrown up startling facts about the toon porn star Savita Bhabhi and the 2G spectrum scam. Not only we found, to our delirious delight, that Savita Bhabhi existed in reality, but we were shocked to know that she enjoyed close relationships with officials in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, so close that she eventually met her virtual death.

Our investigations started when we tried to find out why Savita Bhabhi website was banned. We tried to download some documents from the website of Department of Information Technology, which falls under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. To our amusement and alarm, we found that one of the downloaded pdf files was actually a Savita Bhabhi story. Initially we thought that the website was hacked, but then we decided to probe further.

“In course of our investigations, we found that officials at the ministry relished reading Savita Bhabhi stories. We befriended one of them, who under effect of tharra (desi wine) bragged to us that he had even met Savita Bhabhi. At first we thought he had got high, but later on realized that he actually has been lying low on this issue. After more drinks, he gave us the address of Savita Bhabhi and fell unconscious.” Anirudh Bekal, our investigative reporter informs.

She looks almost the same in reality
She looks almost the same in reality

Our team hunted down Savita Bhabhi at the leaked address, which we can’t tell you for security reasons, and met her in person. She indeed was voluptuous. For a minute, our team forgot what story they were chasing, but somehow regained their senses and probed Savita Bhabhi.

Initially Bhabhi resisted, but finally she yielded to our sustained efforts. She told us the hitherto unknown and unpublished story.

“Yes, I was very close to some of them, but I was doing it all (entertaining them) on a professional basis. It was back in 2007. One day I asked for payment for rendering my services; to which they said that as a friend I shouldn’t be asking for money. When I insisted, they gave me just a few hundred rupees. They clarified that they employed the rates of 2001 for calculating fees for ‘friends’ in 2007.” Savita Bhabhi disclosed.

Initially Savita Bhabhi couldn’t understand anything but later on she came to know that the Ministry had valued the value of 2G spectrum fees at 2001 rates in the year 2007, and the same yardstick was applied in Savita Bhabhi’s case too. But in this case, Savita Bhabhi was the loser as she was the one to receive money, while in the spectrum allotment case it was the government that received the money.

Savita Bhabhi had decided to recount this story to her cartoonist and let this story full of sleaze and suspense come out in open, but the concerned parties panicked and pressurized the people in the Ministry to ban the website. Savita Bhabhi was threatened and told to shut up. Now she has mustered courage to speak out. After giving interview to us, she has decided to go into hiding at an undisclosed place.

(Before the Government decides to ban Faking News as well, we want to clarify that the above report is purely a work of fiction. Readers are advised to learn that government officials or ministers never read any porn stories or visit any porn sites. They are very good people doing very good work. The above story was just a crappy attempt (seriously, I wanted to erase it after writing it) to bring out some of the alleged malpractices in the so-called 2G spectrum scam. Readers should research more about it to know the truth.)