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Different long forms of IRS, when applied to Kejriwal

18, Jun 2016 By manithan

It is a well known fact that AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal worked in IRS. It is also well known fact that IRS stands for Indian Revenue service. But, after Kejriwal jumped into the political scene, the way he did politics made us suspect whether there are different inner meanings for IRS. Our Expert Research team had scratched the places where hair grew and came up with five different perspective abbreviations of IRS. Here they are:

Indian Review Service – Times of India or NDTV can’t do it. The Hindu or Hindustan times can’t do it. Even Taran Adarsh cannot even dream of doing it. But, Kejriwal does it with such an ease and it feels like he was born to do it. Yes, the movie reviews by Delhi CM via his Twitter account. While others reviewers rarely get much attention, Kejriwal’s single tweet movie review gets reach to thousands of people and pulls people to theatres. The only person to pull masses to theater after Rajnikanth – Kejriwal can be rightly called as experienced in IRS, that is, Indian Review Service.

Indian Rejuvenation Service
Indian Rejuvenation Service

Indian Realignment Service – Everybody must forget the phone call between Kejriwal and Rajesh Garg, about breaking the Congress and getting a majority. Atleast, the pro-Kejriwal Indian media wanted you to forget it. Well, the bid to woo Congress legislators has been buried deep in Indian deep media sites as ‘Political Realignment’. AAP has done many Realignments like this. Realignment of party leadership by kicking out its founder members. Realignment of ideology by hugging Lalu on stage. Realignment of modus operandi by claiming other parties as dharna-waalahs. It makes us wonder whether IRS of Kejriwal is Indian Realignment Service.

Indian Running Service – This is not the running that P.T.Usha or Milkha Singh did. On February 14, when lovers were venting their hearts out to each other and Bajrang Dal was venting their hearts out to the lovers, from the national capital of India, Kejriwal announced his resignation. Within 49 days of formation of government, AAP decided to quit from the political scene. Though they came back with a thumping majority, Kejriwal was mocked as Bhagoda. When Delhi is fuming with power loss, he ran to Goa to extend his party’s power there. When Delhi is battling water deficit, he ran to Punjab to water his electoral seeds. Can we call his IRS as Indian Running Service?

Indian Roadshow Service – Can anyone forget the protests at Jantar Mantar before the Republic day and the yugpurush sleeping on the road in a blue bed? Can anyone forget Kejriwal being dragged on the road by Delhi Police? Be it their signature protests, dharnas or mindblowing plans like OddEven which made Delhi the least polluted city, everything he did was on the road. And everything he did on the road was a good roadshow. By IRS, can we call it Indian Roadshow Service?

Indian Raita Service – Well, does this need any explanation, huh?