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Digital India effect: After reaching home, men check Wi-Fi before greeting wife

04, Jul 2016 By dasu

New Delhi: As per a recent study, digital India initiative by the government is leading to interesting results across the nation. More and more married men are now giving priority to the well being of their Wi-Fi signal’s well being over wife’s well being.

More important than family members

When we questioned Mr. Vijay Sobani, the author of the paper about it, he said, “Our research was on the behavior of the men, hence I will limit my conversation related to this topic only. The research was done for a leading cosmopolitan magazine whose new edition will hit the stands soon. I will highlight some key points here, for complete report you need to purchase the magazine.”

Mr. Sobani added, “During our research, we found that most men spend at least sixteen to eighteen hours with their laptop or smartphone. It is natural for them to fall in love with these two essential items. Apart from good battery, both need high speed Wi-Fi connection to keep the items performing at their best.”

Mr. Sobani said, “As we are all part of this so called social media revolution, everyone is under pressure to share every minute of their lives online to prove that they are part of this revolution. A strong Wi-Fi signal becomes very important under such circumstances. It is not like in office they do not get time to do all these, they do, but the work pressure comes as a distraction. As soon as you reach home, you have full freedom to do what all you want, peacefully without any disturbance. So one will look forward to the health of his Wi-Fi connection as soon as he reaches home to download latest movies and tv shows, update status on every social media website and exchange WhatsApp forwards.”

“It is not like men ignore their wives completely. Face to face they might not get time to say something, but they do like, comment and share her posts on FB, they respond promptly if a message comes from her on WhatsApp. End of the day, they remain in touch, which is important. It is all thanks to the same Wi-Fi network which both husband and wife share when both are at home”, said Mr. Sobani.

Meanwhile, Government has declared Digital India a success after this study. However, an acronym to celebrate this, HAND (Husbands Are Now Digital) was shelved as it was similar to a rival party’s election symbol.