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Digvijay Singh announces he will be reborn as 8 billionth baby

31, Oct 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In an apparent bid to control population growth, Congress leader Digvijay Singh has announced that he will be born as the 8 billionth baby in the world. According to some estimates, world population, which hit the 7 billion mark today, could touch the 8 billion mark around the year 2025 i.e. within 14 years from now.

Experts believe that future generations will try to avoid having another Digvijay Singh among them, thus bringing down the population growth rate in the process.

Digivjay Singh
Digvijay Singh announcing plans for his next life

While rebirth usually happens once the person is dead, Digvijay Singh has trashed this commonly accepted Hindu theory and claimed that he will be there to supervise his own reincarnation.

“Organizations like RSS have spread such rumors,” Digvijay Singh claimed, “There have been instances when the same soul has entered two people. Also, were not Krishna and Balram, who lived in this world together, both reincarnations of Lord Vishnu?”

Diggi Raja refused to pin point the place in India where he will be born, but he claimed that the 8 billionth baby would definitely be born in India and his soul will enter that baby.

“The baby could be a boy or a girl,” Digvijay Singh detailed out his second coming. Faking News reporter was thrown out of the press conference when he asked if there were other genders or forms too that Digvijay Singh could take shape in his next innings.

Diggi Raja said that he will be there to watch himself grow up and train the 8 billionth baby to be a carbon copy of himself.

The news has attracted mixed reactions, with most of the experts welcoming the development.

“We wish a long life to Shri Digvijay Singh ji,” a United Nations official said, “And we are happy that he has announced that he will be born again as the 8 billionth baby in this world, which means we will have two Digvijay Singhs in this world.”

“I hope people realize the threat now,” the UN official added.

UN has expressed hope that the announcement by Digvijay Singh will push Indians and others around the world to take concrete step to check population growth.