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Dining Table in middle class home enters 2nd year without seeing any dinner

15, Apr 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: A dining table bought by Verma family celebrated its first purchase anniversary recently and till date, it hasn’t seen any dinner taking place on the table. During this time, the table has seen a new table cloth, a basket to keep keys, some toys from the child in the house, few bananas, some notebooks, newspapers, but sadly no dinner.

A dining table in a middle class home is generally a decorative item that is placed in a corner to keep all assorted things. Only on special occasions, it is used for its intended purpose, a dinner. Unfortunately for the table, no such occasion came up during its first year in Verma home.

Speaking to Faking News about their dining table, Mr. Verma said, “Well we bought it because there was this vacant space in the house, and also because my wife really wanted to. We are just waiting for the right occasion to use it for a formal meal but no such opportunity has presented itself as yet. Generally Indian middle class uses dining table when son-in-law comes to visit but my daughter is too young right now so that opportunity isn’t going to present itself for a few years. My son is a teenager now so hopefully he will turn gay and bring a son-in-law into the family fold so that we can use this table.”

“Once or twice I sat on the table while having my tea but then my wife scolded me and told me that I will ruin the table if I keep the cup on it so I had to get up quickly. We don’t want to ruin it before the special occasion presents itself”, Mr. Verma added.

We tried getting the table’s reaction to all this but before it could open its mouth, it was shut by a big bag of groceries that was placed on top of it.