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Disgruntled wife uses husbands twitter account and mocks MSG to get husband arrested

14, Jan 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Richa Sharma, a disgruntled housewife living in Vasant Vihar, got her husband Mr. Rakesh Sharma arrested by using his twitter account and mocking MSG.

MSG shoots his gun from his own shoulder, unlike others who used his name to settle scores
MSG shoots his gun from his own shoulder 

Apparently, Richa was not happy with in way her marriage was heading and wanted to teach her husband a lesson.

“5 years of marriage and I already felt how people of Delhi must be feeling after bringing Arvind Kejriwal to power. My husband promised me so many things and he has not kept any of his promises. What do you do when someone cheats you? You hand him over to the cops, right. That is what is have done and I am sure a lot of women would have done the same,” said Richa without a hint of regret on her face.

Faking News reporter also spoke to some of Richa’s friends to know more about what was going on between the couple.

“Richa had a doubt that Rakesh was flirting with other women on twitter and she was convinced that it really was the case, when she got hold of his twitter password and checked the DMs. She felt cheated and that’s when she came up with this idea of mocking MSG to get him arrested,” said a close friend of Richa.

Rakesh, who goes by the handle ‘DoctorByAndLarge’ on twitter and is a dentist by profession, said that his wife’s allegations are not true and she is just using MSG to settle scores. “I was just sitting in my clinic as usual when suddenly the cops barged in and arrested me for mocking MSG. I don’t even know who this guy MSG is,” said Rakesh, desperately trying to get some legal assistance, as he paced around Vasant Vihar police station.

Meanwhile, cops across the country were inundated with cases about people just wanting to settle scores using MSG.

An email to the official spokesperson of the self styled god man did not yield any reply.