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Diwali sale to continue till X-MAS, announces A to Z selling online shop

19, Oct 2017 By RT

An online shop in India, selling things from a to z, Apple to Zucchini, Apple products to Zebronics products, Avocado to Zebra cakes, has announced that the declared Diwali sale will continue till X-MAS and thereafter will further continue till the new year, it is learnt by Faking News.

“I have never understood this Sale concept. If a product is on sale during a particular period of the year, is it only for display for the reminder of the year? I can understand if raincoats are on sale during summer and sun glasses on sale during winter. But, the thing I am failing to understand is that mobile phones are on sale always, irrespective of the season. People, smart or not, buy the so-called smart phones, on sale in any given day during the year. I have never known anyone buying a smartphone with regular price, if there is such a thing” a man of 30s commented on the never ending SALE announcements by Web sites.

“I don’t buy cheap things. But, I buy things cheap. What is wrong with a SALE? I particularly like the FLASH Sales. In a Flash, it’s over. Sometimes, it is over even before the flash. My New Year resolution is to buy at least one product in a FLASH SALE during next year. I like the promo for a sale. I marvel at the way in which a new SALE is declared, with phrases drafted highly suitable for the time of the year. I like when I get an email when the product I wanted to buy in January is finally on SALE in December and I can afford to buy it now,” a SALE lover and prime account holder of a to z online shopping told Faking News.

“We want to declare SALE for 365 days an year. Thankfully, in India, there is something or the other to celebrate. If nothing else, we will create a reason. Recently, we have announced a Jimikki Kammal sale in Kerala and we had to add new servers to manage the number of orders. Our Diwali sale will in fact continue till next Diwali. Then, we plan to announce a NO SALE day, to see the customer reaction,” A to Z management told Faking News on the SALE mania of Indian shoppers.

This year’s festival special is court approved Kaju Katlis and soundless fire crackers, it is announced by A to Z.