Doctor keeps his 'car clinic' open for 2 hours in the morning & evening at Silk Board Signal

14, Nov 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: N. Prakash, a reputed neurosurgeon in Bengaluru has found a novel way to utilize his time while waiting at Silk Board Signal.

“I spend two hours in the morning as well as in evening almost every day sitting inside SUV doing nothing before crossing this signal. Thought, let me keep my car clinic open during that period,” said Dr. Prakash while talking to us.

Dr. Prakash shared how this idea came to his mind. He said, “It came from one of my patient who struggled to get appointment with me as my appointments were full almost for two weeks. He asked me, sir, I travel in the same route as you go. I have seen your car waiting at the signal. If you do not mind, can I come and show you my test reports at the signal.”

Dr. Prakash claims now most of his patients are happy. “I am at clinic only for two hours in the evening, here I spend at least four hours in a day. Some days if it rains, the clinic open time can go up to six hours,” said Dr. Prakash.

When we asked, the jam would be one to two kilometers long and vehicles does not remain at one place for such long time. He said, “Yes, on the road, I have requested my team to mark certain zones. Like I will be in this zone between 8:30 AM to 9 AM. So, a patient who has got appointment in that period can look for me in that zone already marked on the road. Only point my patients need to remember is, zone positions are different for sunny days and rainy days, which are also marked on top of the zone.”

However, Dr. Prakash feels bad for his patients who have to walk through the heavy traffic looking for the zone.

Many doctors with different specialties waiting at the signal have joined hands with Dr. Prakash. They call their clinic now ’Silk Board signal multi-specialty clinic’ where doctors forward cases to each other as per the need.