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Doctor who took admission through donation, now offering money to attract patients to his clinic

08, Jul 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Chikitsak Agrawal, a freshly graduated doctor, who back in 2005 took admission in the medical college allegedly by paying a hefty donation of Rs 70 lakh, is now offering money to patients who agree to get diagnosed by him.

After completing his college in 2013 after multiple attempts, where he was initially offered the degree of “compounder” due to his pathetic grades, Chikitsak opened a private clinic as a general physician, but soon after experimenting on a few patients and mistreating them, he realized that his area of expertise were mild fever, common cold, upset stomach, and headache.

“Trust me, I am a doctor.”

However, he found that he was not getting enough patients as as most of the people preferred to take OTC medicines or apply some domestic cure for such ailments.

It was then, Chikitsak’s father, who is a wealthy man, came out in his support again and gave him Rs 30 lakh as “relief fund”. He reportedly asked him to buy patients by making them an offer they can’t refuse.

“Ever since he was born, I wanted to make him a doctor,” said Chikitsak’s father Dhanpat Agrawal, “As I had already invested around a crore rupees in his college education and another fifty lakhs for opening clinic, I couldn’t let my investment go in vain. So I decided to invest a bit more.”

“This is marketing to attract customers,” he justified his son giving money to patients to get treated by him.

To bring patients to the clinic, Chikitsak has created a network of 10 agents who are spread across the neighboring areas.

“Each agent has been allotted a particular area, and their work is to keep an eye on the local residents. If they come to know about anyone suffering from mild fever, common cold, upset stomach, or headache, they immediately contact the person and offer them the deal,” disclosed compounder Ramesh Sharma.

Agents get Rs 200 for bringing each patient to Chikitsak and patients get Rs 800 for showing faith in Chikitsak’s medical skills.

Meanwhile a source close to Agrawal family revealed that in order to boost Chikitsak’s career, his father was mulling to hire a well qualified doctor to practice at his son’s clinic.

“The new doctor will be acting as a body double of Chikitsak, just like in movies where heroes use body doubles to perform stunts,” disclosed the source.