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Doctor’s love letter to his colleague caught by his wife, she throws it away after not understanding a word

03, Oct 2016 By dasu

Delhi: Doctor Gupta’s heart was in his mouth early this morning when he saw that the love letter he had written for his girlfriend was in the hands of his wife. However, his excellent handwriting came to his rescue when his wife failed to understand anything written in the letter.

The love letter

Explaining the situation, Dr Gupta said, “Being an old school romantic, I always preferred handwritten letters to online messaging and that nearly got me killed today. I had kept this letter in the pocket of my jacket and it must have slipped out when I was getting ready this morning. Shortly afterwards, I heard my wife ask what is this paper lying around in the house. I couldn’t say what it was so simply said that I don’t know”

“I was standing there as a helpless person looking at her high heeled sandals, estimating the number of punctures in my body they will leave. However, I had underestimated my handwriting, after turning the letter upside down few times; she could not understand what it is, rolled it into a bundle and threw it in the dustbin. I asked her what was on that piece of paper and she said that our toddler son has scribbled something on a piece of paper as he normally does on the walls throughout the day”, said Doctor Gupta.

Narrating the history of his handwriting, Dr Gupta said, “To start with, my handwriting was not so bad, all that changed once I got admission in this medical school. I struggled to pass any exam during the first year and I couldn’t understand why. Then a senior looked at my handwriting and told me that I have no chance of passing with such clear handwriting. That moment changed my life, I started passing exams and today, that handwriting saved my marriage.”

“I know cheating on my wife is bad but as they say in UP, ladke hain, ladkon se galtiyaan ho jaati hain. However, I have learnt my lesson now, I prayed to God to save me today and I promised I will give up my philandering ways. Now that he has saved me, I will stay true to my word and become a loyal husband”, he added.