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Documents related to RGV’s new movie uploaded on WikiLeaks

26, Jul 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. In a shocking revelation, it has been learnt that Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma was planning another remake of Sholay, tentatively titled Phir Lagi Aag, even as his first attempt had proved to be a disaster three years back. The appalling piece of information came to public knowledge earlier today after an unknown whistleblower working in Factory, the production house of RGV, uploaded some vital documents related to the project on WikiLeaks.

“Oh man, the government has to stop it from being produced or released!” said a visibly shaken Karan, one of the movie-buffs in Andheri, echoing sentiments of thousands of other movie-goers, many of whom were too traumatized to react.

Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag
Some RTI activists had been trying to dig out the next move of RGV on this front, and one of them might have uploaded the information on WikiLeaks, many believe

As soon as the news was broken by Faking News, the WikiLeaks website reported tremendous traffic overload with millions of curious and anxious visitors thronging the site to get firsthand details. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has defended the release of the document and denied that the act violated any laws.

“Our team vets each document before releasing it to public and prepares ourselves against any possible political or legal attack.” Assange said, adding, “This was relatively easier and safer to implement as one of the serious violations could have been those of the copyright laws, but the script was a carbon copy of the original movie; they can’t claim any copyright at first place.”

Mr. Assange statement suggesting that the script could again be a carbon copy of Sholay has worried the movie goers in India even further, with many of them demanding immediate action by the government in the case.

Meanwhile sources indicate that a major manhunt has been launched in Factory to spot the person who leaked the information to WikiLeaks. All the computers and e-mails of the employees have been sealed and frozen till further orders by Ramu.

But WikiLeaks founder has assured full anonymity and protection to the unknown person and has urged whistleblowers in other parts of the country to trust them with any information that they might be possessing.

“We have received various sensitive documents from India ranging from sex-scandal in Kabbaddi, next novel of Chetan Bhagat, fake encounters by policemen, and corruption in government schemes. We’d release them in future as per the preferences of the Indian audiences.” Assange said.