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Domestic help who secretly whisked away groceries from employer’s house starts her own online grocery store

07, Sep 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: After years of secretly taking grocery from her employer’s house, a domestic help working for a family in South Delhi started her own online grocery business.

The next big startup idea coming from a domestic help
The next big startup idea coming from a domestic help

Deepa Kumari(name changed to protect identity), who has been working for the Khanna family for the last 5 years, recently launched The site intends to sell grocery online at rates which are well below the market prices and probably sending shivers among existing players.

Speaking to Faking News Deepa explained her entry into the online marketplace and taking on the big players. “Before we start let me just clarify that it’s not called stealing. Domestic help taking a few extra grocery items for personal use is commonplace. 5 years of doing that has given me enough stock of household items to start my own business.

As per an independent survey SabseSasta has managed to show an impressive growth of 36% over last quarter.

With prospects looking bright, the business has already got itself funding from venture capitalists.

“It is an interesting business model. The procurement costs are almost zero and the low costs will ensure high volume of sales. Most startups struggle for a decade to break-even, but this one would take less than a year,” said Gurdeep Sahani of Matric Partners.

Deepa has already quit her job as domestic help and has devoted herself entirely in running her startup.

“We are planning to get on-board domestic help’s from all across Delhi who will act as suppliers for our business,” she said while making an xl-sheet of the inventory.

With business going north, SabseSasta is now looking to expand its market. As per sources, the employee strength could touch around 10000 by year end.

With the media spotlight on Deepa, politicians too are looking for a share of the pie.

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, who just returned from ‘Khaat pe Charcha’ said that this was Women’s Empowerment that he had been talking all along and promised that his next would be ‘Jhadu pe Charcha’.