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Donald Trump dumps wall plan, will construct 'human slingshots' along the border to fling immigrants into Mexico

22, Feb 2017 By @jurnoleast

Continuing with its crackdown on illegal immigrants, Donald Trump today announced that ‘Giant Slingshots’ will be placed along the Mexican border to fling illegal immigrants into Mexico. The announcement was made earlier while addressing the media at White House.

Trumps latest plan to deal with immigrants
Trumps latest plan to deal with immigrants

Speaking to Faking News, a source close to the development said, “There has been a lot of opposition to Mr. Trump’s policies especially the one about building ‘The Wall’. Since the Mexicans have refused to pay for it. We though of coming up with a cost effective alternative. Besides, the wall would only be good enough to keep new ones from entering America. What about the ones who are already there.”

“So Mr. President came up with this idea of ‘human slingshot’. We have already rounded up many immigrants and soon we’d be putting them across the border,” he added.

Sources say that it’s not just the immigrants but certain prominent media persons as well as Hollywood celebs who have in past criticized Mr. Trump, would be flung across the border.

The President has also put together a team to come up with ‘such creative’ ideas to deal with problems. “A bunch of 5th graders have already been approached to be part of the team. Mr. President believes that the best ideas not be too complicated. Besides he’d like to deal with a team that is more tuned to his own wavelength.” said a White House spokesperson.