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Donkeys file case in court against stereotyping them as idiots

30, Nov 2014 By Vivek Chandrahaas

Dhobighat. In India, since primordial times, a donkey is considered as a symbol of foolishness and a stooge of jokes and jibes. There have been times when donkeys were compared with even politicians, to which only the latter complained, the former however remained silent enduring the vicious assault on their faithfulness.

The donkeys have to bear the ignominy of being compared to the most unwise people. But recent scientific studies debunked the age old notion and in fact suggested that donkeys are, in fact, smart animals.

“Tell me humans, why?

Perhaps buoyed by the scientific suggestions, Gaddu a new Gen-Z, donkey belonging to a PETA activist, decided to do something that its servile ancestors could never have even dare to think of. The Donkey knocked on the doors of the apex court, and filed a DIL (Donkey Interest Litigation) against use of demeaning references to donkeys.

Further Gaddu wanted some respectful recognition for the hard work that donkeys have done for mankind.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News Gaddu said, “We donkeys are always looked down upon by man. Why we are seen as stupid, either because we are docile or because we rarely retaliate even if we are whipped by our masters? But is that how being obedient and non-violent respected in India? We helped man in building his homes and carrying his loads when there were no roads and no vehicles. And for all that hard work, we are caricatured as idiots. Even the dictionary meaning of the word ‘Ass’ is an ‘Idiot’!.  In contrast, look at the lions and tigers, they must have killed countless innocent men and even children. And still they are regarded highly by people. So much so that that they have found places on flags of several nations. Even India has decorated their National Emblem with lion!”

Our reporter meanwhile rubbed his eyes in disbelief seeing a donkey making so much sense.

“I have a question for the people of India and the Government of India, If non-violence is the founding principle of India, why do they pay so much respect to a lion which is ruthless and so violent? On one hand we have the peace loving, non-violent Gandhiji as our father of nation and on the other hand we have the violent and ruthless lion as our national emblem. Further, tiger is our national animal. Isn’t that contradictory? Is it because man bows to the powerful and ruthless and glorify them? And if that is the case why do you people condemn people like Hitler and Mussolini?”

Faking News reporter in a bid to defend the infallible intelligence of human beings told him that the lion on national emblem is for inspiring Indians to be brave and powerful.

To which the net savvy Donkey retorted, “Does attacking in groups and that too from behind makes lion brave. You can see it yourself on YouTube and television. Even the omniscient Rajinikant got his dialogue wrong when he said, ‘Jhund me to suar aate hain, sher to akela aata hai.’ Do you know a lion is so lazy that it snatches away the prey hunted by the lioness? Aren’t these characteristics unbecoming of an animal that is purported to be a national symbol?”

“And if power is everything then why not have an elephant as a national symbol instead?” the donkey threw a poser.

On being questioned what he would seek from the court, the donkey said, “What we want is some recognition for the hundreds of years of hard work that we have done for human beings. Such that we are regarded as hard working and peace loving animals. That may be in the form of a party symbol, like the Democrats have in America or may be as a place on the abacus of our national emblem.”

When we contacted a top government official to comment on the demand of donkey to feature on the National Emblem he quipped, “Gadhon se umedd bhi kya kiya ja sakta hai?”