Monday, 6th April, 2020


'If we don't invest, there is nothing to worry about stock market crash' says underpaid IT employee who spends his entire salary without investing anything

28, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

It was bloodbath at the stock markets today as Sensex tanked more than 1000 points, wiping off a huge amount of investor wealth.


For many who actively invest in stocks, it was indeed a Black Friday. “Instead of splurging on luxuries, I saved and invested in the stock market with the hope that it will grow. Forget growth, I’d be happy to get my original investment back.

Underpaid IT employees who spend all their money without investing in anything are the only ones happy. “If I am not investing in stock market then I need not worry about the crash. Besides, my salary is so less that I hardly save anything at the end of the month. Investing is long shot. And for the first time I feel good that the IT sector pays so less. While my other friends who actively invest in stocks are shedding tears. I can sit back and relax,” said a software developer working for Tinfosys.

“My salary has been the same since I joined the company, that too irrespective of my performance. Even my father and my grandfather joined this company on the same starting salary. I hope this appraisal too the HR comes up with the ‘unfavorable business environment’ excise to deny me raise. That will shield me from future stock market crashes,” he added.