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I don’t pressurize my son unnecessarily, as long as he scores 98%, I am OK: Parent

09, Mar 2017 By dasu

Alok Verma, father of 12th standard student Sujith whose board exam started this week feels it’s high time, parents must avoid putting ‘too much’ pressure on their wards.

“Though Sujith is leaving no stones unturned in his preparation, he might do one or two mistakes in board exam. Do I or Mrs. Verma will crucify him for those mistakes? NO. To make mistake is human, we must be considerate towards our kids,” said Mr. Verma who has taken off from office for last two months to ensure his son’s preparation for the exam remains on track.

“Let me put it bluntly. I am OK as long as he scores above 98 percent. In today’s time 98 percent are not very high marks, some of my relatives and colleagues whose kids are appearing board exam this year might be in 99.5 percent range, they will make multiple calls to enquire about Sujith’s marks. But If you are parents of a 98 percenter, you will be able to ‘manage’ them,” said Mr. Verma who went inside to wake up Sujith who had already taken a twenty-minute nap after lunch.

We looked at the wall where we saw a timetable which Sujith was following for last one month. Mr. Verma said, “You can see just about twenty hours per day I have planned for him. Very well understand he needs adequate sleep. So you can see from 1 am to 3 am, he sleeps peacefully.”

When we asked it must be very tiring for you and your wife, Mr. Verma said, “There you can see below for every four hours under whose supervision Sujith will be there.  We do a rotation so that both of us do not get tired.”

During our discussion, Mrs. Verma came from shopping carrying few big Jars of Horlicks and Bournvita. She told Sujith, “Just now I am coming from your friend Ajith Sharma’s house. Saw his practice test papers. Not a single mistake, all 100 out of 100. You need to put some more effort, my son. Looks like with 98 percent we will not get a decent college.”

When we left Mr. Varma’s home, we saw him looking at the time table to see where he can squeeze an additional hour.