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Don't repeat demonetisation, we won't be able to find ATMs this year: Delhi residents request PM Modi

08, Nov 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: As demonetisation of old 500 and 1000 Rupee currency notes completes one year, Delhi residents have requested PM Narendra Modi to avoid a repeat of anything similar this year. With a dense cloud of smog enveloping the entire NCR, people are not sure that they will be able to locate working ATMs due to the poor visibility.

Delhi smog
A bright, sunny day in Delhi

Even though smog is an annual occurrence in NCR, this year it is particularly severe with visibility dropping to near zero and the air becoming more toxic than the atmosphere inside Bigg Boss house. In such circumstances, people are struggling to find their own houses and are afraid that they will have no chance if they were made to search for working ATMs after demonetisation.

Speaking to Faking News, a Karol Bagh resident Amit Arora said ,”Even last year visibility was poor but at least it was good enough to locate a queue of people. The moment we saw a queue we knew there is a working ATM at the front end of this queue 2 KMs away. Even then mistakes used to happen, twice I wasted time standing in a queue outside Starbucks. This year we won’t even be able to see the queue, forget spotting as working ATM. We request PM Modi to avoid demonetisation this year and if he really wants to do it, wait few months and do it in March. Mausam bhi achha rehta hai aur visibility bhi theek rehti hai.”

Another Delhi resident Varun Rajpal said ,”We know that Modi ji must be itching to do something. Chain to hai nahin is bande ko, we respect that but just let the visibility improve before making us stand in a queue again. Right now situation is so bad that yesterday I entered my neighbor’s house instead of mine and only realized it is not my home when the woman there greeted me warmly instead of shouting where I was. In such a situation, how are we supposed to locate working ATMs correctly?”

Meanwhile, Governments of all the northern states have come together and agreed that they will all pass on the blame to the other states for this smog.