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Doping charges levied against person who won a ludo star game after eating pan masala

10, Jun 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Ludo Star is making great progress in being the most loved sport in India after Cricket. Though it would be tough to dethrone cricket from the pinnacle, Ludo Star is enjoying a great deal of enthusiasm from people of all age groups. It has become the best time pass activity while travelling, while at work and other places of importance. Government employees have personally sent thank you letters to the makers of this addictive game as now they do have something to do during their leisure hours, which means throughout the day, obviously.


The seriousness with which people are being playing this game has taken the game to the next level. Mumbai local train passengers are seen playing the game by actually putting real money on stake. Not only that, children are often seen fighting among each other for major differences in the interpretation of the rules of this game. But matters took a serious turn when Shwetank Srivastava, a Gutkha addict from U.P won while playing against his ludo game partner, Jagdish Malik. Shwetank had been winning many games prior to this one, but Jagdish noticed something today which made him suspicious of Shwetank’s victory. Shwetank was seen eating his favorite brand of Pan masala before starting the game, which Jagdish thinks would have impacted the end result. A doping case has been filed against Shwetank for consuming performance enhancing products before turning up for a sporting event.

Shwetank, has in his defense, given proofs of instances where he won even without consuming pan masala. According to Shwetank, Jagdish has never been a sporty loser and always looks for excuses in defeat. The medical reports of Shwetank’s blood samples are awaited, after which the police will file a detailed charge sheet and the law machinery will come to action. Till then, our advice to Ludio Star players would be to play it safe, and in the right spirit.