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After Dosa Masala brioche, McDonald's introduces Idli Podi Burger!

26, Mar 2017 By RT

Mumbai: McDonald’s India has announced the launch of ‘idli podi burger’ as part of their breakfast menu. The new burger will be available for the fast food lovers from the first week of April, the fast food chain has said in a press release. Idli podi will come in two flavors, regular and extra spicy, the press release provided further information.

Ruining one dish at a time

“When Dosa Masala brioche, or whatever was introduced, I went to McDonald’s with so much eagerness to taste a dosa burger. It wasn’t masala dosa, It wasn’t a full fledged burger either. It was a patty with some kind of masala and I was a little disappointed. Now, I am looking forward for this new idli podi burger. I have tasted every idli, from mini idli to vegetable idli to ghee idli to mutton idli to manchurian idli, Chinese style. Now, I am going to taste the idli in American style”, a regular visitor to McDonald’s told Faking News.

“We have clearly advertised, it is Dosa Masala and not Masala dosa. Just the masala is used for the brioche. Likewise, in the idli podi burger, the idli podi will be there and not the idli. Hope our customers will understand the subtle difference and continue to support our sustained efforts to make McDonald’s India a truly Indian dining experience!”, the corporate marketing manager of the chain told Faking News.

Supporting the addition of the new item to the menu, a part-time software engineer and a full-time food blogger told Faking News, “Any restaurant operating out of India ought to have an Indian menu. The international cuisines, when in India, automatically become Indo-China, Indo-italian etc., they cannot sustain iif the manchurian does not have gobhi in it and the pasta does not have tikka in it. Even the king of burgers, burger king had to have a chicken tikka burger in the menu to open shop in India; subway had to go the Indian way, and KFC too!”

The sources from the industry revealed that the menu is also going to have vada-pav McPuff, McPani nuggets, and McJamun for dessert.