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Dressed as MLA, conman dupes Mumbai hotel, stays for 2 days in the hotel for free

27, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

A conman who posed as an MLA from the Shiv Sena and stayed in the posh Marriott hotel for free, was today apprehended by the cops. Cops say that the accused hailed from UP and was just taking advantage of the political impasse in the state to enjoy the serviced of the 7 star hotel.

Thought he hotel remained tight-lipped over the entire incident, a source on the condition of anonymity spoke to Faking News and said, “Since the last weeks, MLAs from different parties are walking in and out of the hotel. It is very difficult to keep a check on them. He was also dressed in the characteristic kurta-pyjama  so as not to arouse any suspicion. And he roamed around with the pack of MLAs who were holed up here.

Cops say that they had a hard time catchign the accused. But his con was finally busted after security guys spotted one MLA arriving in the hotel in an Alto car. “An MLA who roams in an Alto was clearly an aberration. I mean how can someone call himself an MLA if he doesn’t own a Fortuner. Once we got hold of him, we questioned him thoroughly after which he confessed to his crime

The man amassed a bill of 3 lakhs while he enjoyed the hospitality of the hotel. The hotel is now trying to recover money from the conman. Many MLAs from both NCP and Shiv Sena were shocked at the fact that it was easy for anyone to fake identity. Some of them were critical of the police inaction and said that the conman could have been caught earlier if the cops had opened their eyes to some obvious signals.

“A bill of just 3 lakhs is the first sign that he is a conman. Arre MLA ka bill toh 30 lakhs aana chahiye. Itne saste me thodi rehta hai koi MLA,” remarked a Sena party member.