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Driver drives in the same lane for five minutes, Police issues challan for sleeping while driving

27, Jun 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: On Sunday evening, an e-Challan was issued to a man for sleeping while driving. Sourabh was driving on Mumbai Pune expressway and he didn’t change his lane for over five straight minutes. But to his surprise, he got e-challan mailed to him even before he could reach the destination.


Sourabh frequently travels between Mumbai and Pune but on Sunday he was in no rush and was enjoying the weather while driving. We tried to get more information on the matter and approached Sourabh, who spoke to our correspondent and said “I never got penalized when I did rash driving but when I drove perfectly fine I have to pay fine. It’s bizarre!

Faking News reporter spoke to Traffic Police officer, Mr. Sanjay Gawade, who issued challan to Sourabh. Mr. Gawade said “I checked Sunday’s CCTV footage of Mumbai Pune express way and noticed that Sourabh’s car was the only car that didn’t change its lane for so long. The only reason I could think of was that Sourabh dozed off while driving. So I issued him challan.”

Sourabh is now in a big dilemma, because the only way he can prove he wasn’t sleeping is by showing any message or call he made or attended during those five minutes. If he provides any such information he’ll be penalized for using his mobile while driving.

What exactly happened will remain a mystery it seems but our bad driving habits are becoming a part of the norm and that’s something really worrisome. For such an incident, should a good driver be penalized or awarded, this is something that need to be addressed !