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DU to use Duckworth-Lewis method to reduce admission cut-off for applicants who fail to clear first list

08, Jun 2017 By @jurnoleast

The insanely high cut-offs for admissions to courses in Delhi University have always been topic of hot debate and lately it has also become a matter of concern for admission authorities as well. The concern has prompted the authorities to use the Duckworth-Lewis method to reduce the admission cut off so that more students can clear the first list.

The mathematical formulation used in cricket will now be used to make more ‘realistic cut off lists’, which many people believe will help them score a seat in the fiercely contested admission process. Faking News reporter tried speaking to a few officials in Delhi University in a effort to understand Duckworth-Lewis method, but none of the officials agreed to come on camera.

But one who did, said, “We didn’t want to come up with some arbitrary number as cut-off. Also, we wanted to shut the mouths of those who criticized us for having high cut-offs. Now if they ask us, we’ll just say it’s Duckworth-Lewis and rest assured they won’t ask us any question as no one understands the system anyway.”

With the news of reduced cut-off, many students heaved a sigh of relief. There were others who weren’t particularly pleased with the idea of revised cut off. “No getting into the first list in spite of having a high score was a matter of pride. There is so much media attention surrounding it. Besides, we can whine about it to out neighbors for the rest of the admission season,” said one concerned parent.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal welcomed the move and also requested the Election Commission to use the DL method for election results too for those parties that do not get enough votes.