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Cricketers ask ICC to replace the Ducworth-Lewis with EC's model code of conduct as it is easy to find loopholes in the later

10, Apr 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. Politicians are on a spree of breaking and violating the Model Code of Conduct are they not aware of Election Commission set of rules and regulation since the day Election has implemented the Model Code of Conduct politicians from every party are violating it in one or the other way. Is Election Commission’s Model Code of Conduct just for namesake? Many politicians are failing to even understand the model code of conduct and so are on a spree of breaking all the rules.

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Cricketers though want the ICC to replace the Duckworth Lewis system with EC’s model code of conduct. Duckworth Lewis system is so complex that it is difficult to find loopholes and beat the system. But the Model code of conduct can easily be broken without any fear of being caught or put in jail.

ICC has fixed a meeting with EC to find out more about the model code of conduct and the source behind the code. Once they see any relevance of the system with cricket, they can think of implementing the system in cricket. As currently Duckworth Lewis has become bigger than the game and that is not what ICC would want to carry on in the future.