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Due to strict anti-smoking rule in place employees don’t smoke inside campuses, they do 6 inches outside

21, Oct 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: During our visit to many IT parks, we found almost all the companies are supporting the anti-smoking rules inside their campuses to the hilt. None of them allow their employees to smoke inside their campuses, they push them outside as we saw many techies standing six inches outside, leaning on those campus compound walls while smoking.

Just a disclaimer we would like to add here. Most IT companies do not allow us to access their terrace or washrooms, so we assume adequate mechanisms are in place to deter anyone using those places for smoking.

We talked to Praveen B, admin manager of an IT company who was directing his security guards to keep a close tab on techies. Praveen said, “Outside our campuses we do not have any control. A bit of smoke comes inside and peripherals of our campus remains affected, but we cannot help, all depends on wind direction”.

We asked Praveen, what about residential areas outside where kids play after they come back from school, during the hours known as peak smoking hours as per our study. He said, “Again this is beyond my company’s control. When techies put up countless hours, some part of the load outside public need to share. This is called ‘shared sacrifice’. Looking at the forex our IT industry brings and gives employment to so many, some burden outside world has to share”.

Praveen added, “Who knows out of these kids playing out there, in future some of them might chose to work for this organization”.

A bunch of senior citizens during their morning walk outside the IT campus gate had an argument while looking at the heap of plastic tea cups and cigarette butts. When Mr. Sharma was saying, “This IT company must have more than 1000 techies who smoke”, Mr. Verma was saying “No, No. Now a day’s techies have good disposable income. May be work pressure is high here, many are doing night outs, they might be visiting these chai-sutta vendors repeatedly which is reflecting in those heaps”.