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Due to staying awake late at night, humans to evolve into owls in the next 5000 years: Research

17, Jul 2014 By idiot420

New York. If a research paper published in the reputed science journal “Evolution Today” is to be believed, human beings are going to evolve into owls in the next 5000 years, all due to the growing habit of staying awake quite late at nights.

The report has been written by a group of evolutionary researchers working on the impact of modern lifestyle on human evolution.

Family picture from future.

“Our habits and needs define the course of evolution. We all know how we evolved from apes to humans, and now it’s time to move on,” said Dr. Mark Darwin, head of the research team, who thinks that humans have already started gaining the first characteristic of an owl.

“Many of us, who have access to internet, smartphones, laptops, etc. are developing the habit of going to bed around 3 am or 4 am in the morning. That means we are slowly moving toward nocturnality,” he continued.

During their research, Mark and his team met many people who accepted that they felt the desire to keep staring at their mobile devices, even in the last moments before finally falling asleep, just like an owl appears to stare at things.

“It appears that like earlier we got bored of being an ape, now we are bored of being human,” Mark added further.

According to the research paper, in the next 200 years, with most of the world population having access to modern technology, humans will completely lose their power to work during the day while they will be actively spending time on internet all night.

And by year 3000 AD, they will be having feathers on their bodies.

However, there is one glitch. Unlike normal owls, human-turned-owls will not be having eyes that are capable to see in the dark.

“This is because we normally spend nights staring at lighted screens of mobiles and laptops, which in turn is not allowing our eyes to develop their own lights. So, we will be like second-class owls, and we might not get the same respect in the owl community which a normal owl gets,” feared Mark Darwin.

In his concluding remarks, Mark has requested people to sit idle during the night with all lights and gadgets switched off, so that humans evolve into normal owls.

“No, we can’t stop this evolution, we can try our best to make things a bit better,” he said.