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Duo playing chess in a park bench call it an outdoor game to escape criticism from friends on playing only indoor games

08, Aug 2017 By RT

New Delhi. Two friends playing chess in a park bench called it an outdoor game, to escape criticism from their friends, on playing only indoor games and not getting involved in any physical sports. ‘We are outdoor, playing games’ was all they told their friends, it is learnt by Faking News.


“The barrier between indoor games and outdoor games has disappeared now. Cricket is played indoors as box cricket, basketball is played on the desks inside an office space. Even golf is played in corner offices with perfect negative scores. Chess and carrom are played in parks and streets respectively” one of the two, playing with black pieces, told Faking News.

“Who said there is no physical activity while playing chess or carrom? I get up and walk in between the moves and in about 2 games, I cover 10 times the perimeter of the entire park. Even a football player in the park ground would not cover that much distance. On carrom, what can I say? it is as much challenging as a game of basketball, with shooting, rebound and tripling” the other, playing the white pieces, explained the similarities.

“In New Delhi, playing chess in a park bench is to be recognised as much more than an outdoor game. It is an adventure sport, with all the pollution in the air and all. Tell you what had just happened. I was about to kill my friend’s queen here. He took a deep breath and the inhalation almost killed my friend. Is this an adventure or not? Now, I am ready to face my other friends who make fun of us that we play only indoor games” the former told Faking News about how adventurous a game of chess can be, playing outdoors.

Faking News reporter leaving the park kept on wondering about what kind of a game journalism is, in current socio-economic and political scene in the country: is it indoor or outdoor?