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Dussehra celebrations cancelled as Ravan runs to Pakistan

28, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Most of the Indians woke up shocked to learn that the festival of Dussehra stood cancelled for today as one of the chief characters of the celebrations, the demon king Ravan, had run to Pakistan. Even though Ravan is widely believed to be a citizen of Sri Lanka, the Pakistani establishment allowed him inside and was now refusing to hand him over to India. The incident has added further acrimony to the already tense relations between India and Pakistan.

India has asked Pakistan to immediately act against Ravan and hand it over by today evening to India so that the Dussehra celebrations could continue, but Pakistan has refused to do so and has instead asked India to hand over a dossier of concrete evidences that could prove that Ravan was indeed a culprit and was indulged in terror activities on the Indian soil. According to reports, India has handed over copies of various Ramayans and Ram Kathas, but Pakistan has rejected them as being ‘flimsy’.

Ravan before running to Pakistan
Ravan before running to Pakistan

“How can you expect us to act on such flimsy set of data? In fact these are just poor pieces of information, we need tangible proofs that can stand the trial of a civil court. Can even India claim that their courts would convict Dr. Ravan on the basis of these so-called proofs? I’m sure that if this case was to be tried in Indian courts, Dr. Ravan would either be acquitted or the cases would run for thousands of years, and yet Indians want us to act within a day. Give me a break!” Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told Faking News.

But Indian foreign minister S.M. Krishna has termed Pakistan’s response as irresponsible and pigheaded. Krishna has faxed all the pages of all the Ramayans and Ram Kathas to the USA and has asked the Obama administration to put pressure on Pakistan to arrest Ravan and hand him over to India.

While there was mostly shock and resentment among the general Indian public over the incident, with many of them worried if a Monday holiday could be cancelled, Ravan did find some support as a few lawyers and judges favored a free and fair trial for him inside India. Such persons faced public criticism as well as opposition within their own ranks as various senior lawyers accused them of being corrupt and having received money from Ravan’s agents. The pro-Ravan group has termed these allegations baseless and has claimed that the money received by them was a part of the professional fees that Ravan had given them.

“I can prove him innocent, I have proved many people innocent before as I have law in my hands, I mean I know law through my hands, I mean through my heart. I can prove in a court of law that Dr. Ravan never was guilty. It was all part of a plan by Lord Ram to siege Lanka and Sita was just acting as a spy for him. Of course! If he could absorb my fees, I could absolve him of infamy.” notable pro-Ravan lawyer Ram Jhoothmalani said.

Ravan, on phone line from Pakistan, has expressed relief and confidence in the Indian judicial system and has offered to return to India if he was promised a civil and secure trial like Ajmal Amir Qasab. Ravan was busy all day giving telephonic interviews to news channels as one of the channels started with a show titled “Kalyug mein maange Ravan bhi insaaf”, with others following suit.

(with inputs from special correspondent Saanchi)