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Dutch tourist gets married in India to get 2.5 lacs cash needed for his local travel

11, Dec 2016 By RT

Goa: A tourist from Netherlands visiting Goa is planning to get married in the state during the next weekend. Adrian, the Dutch man, did not have any time to date the girl for a few days prior to the marriage. He met the girl on Friday and has decided today that he will marry her next weekend, it was learnt by Faking News.

Shaadi karo, Dhai Lakh pao

“I love this country. I love Goa. There are certain things that I don’t like though, the queues. For anything and everything, there is a queue in India. Now, there is this new queue in front of every ATM. I met this girl in an ATM queue who offered to help me out to get loads of cash with just one act”, the Dutch national told Faking News about the extraordinary situation where he met the girl.

“I have heard about Indians doing marriage of convenience in other countries to continue to stay there. I am forced to do the same in India to stay here. I am not ready to go back yet and my weed supplier accepts only cash. Without cash, I won’t be able to survive here for long. Some of my friends are playing guitar at the beach to make some money, some are doing circus acts on the roads, I just happen to have a different idea”, he explained the circumstances which forced him to take the decision.

“I don’t know anything about the Hindu marriage act but this act of mine helped me withdraw 2.5 lacs in cash from my Citibank account. I am left with 2 Lacs after the girl took her cut of 20%”, the Dutch man looked at the bundle of currency with such fondness and love that the reporter left to catch up with the girl for her comments.

“I do several things to raise money for my college fees. I am mostly seasonal. During elections, I travel across the country to get cash for vote from many  political parties. Demonetization presented me with the golden opportunity to raise money and I am enjoying myself”, the girl smiled at the reporter and as a passing question, asked if the reporter is married.