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Easy to smuggle, do-it-yourself coolers available in Munirka, hostel residents happy

03, Jun 2014 By Pen10

New Delhi. Necessity is the mother of invention. In a development that will bring smiles to the hundreds of hostel inmates of IIT Delhi and JNU, easy-to-smuggle, do-it-yourself coolers are now available in the Munirka market of South Delhi.

Air Coolers are banned in the student hostels at IIT Delhi and JNU so students had to resort to tricks to smuggle them in to survive the scorching summers of Delhi. But now there is good news as shops in Munirka are selling this new variety of coolers that can be smuggled inside without any suspicion.

Easily dismantle-able coolers that can be smuggled with ease inside the hostel.
Easily dismantle-able coolers that can be smuggled with ease inside the hostel.

“We have basically dismantled the cooler into parts, ” a seller in Munirka told us, “So the motor and blades are separate. The enclosure has also been cut up in parts. All of these easily fit into a backpack that will escape the guards’ scrutiny. We provide a detailed do-it-yourself guide in English, Hindi and Punjabi besides screws, a screwdriver and a wrench. The students can easily put the parts together to build their own coolers in the hostel rooms once they have easily smuggled them past the security guards.”

“We had to either bribe the guard or wait for him to go and take a leak when we had to smuggle coolers into the hostels. Now we don’t have to do any such thing and we are very happy about it,” a third year BTech student told us on condition of anonymity.

When asked why they do not allow coolers in the hostels an official at the Students’ Affairs Section at IIT Delhi told us, “Coolers will give them a sound sleep and they will have bad dreams while sleeping. Recently we have banned non-vegetarian food in the hostels as non-vegetarian food gives people bad thoughts like smuggling coolers into the hostels.”