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Ecstatic moment for a family as son emulates father, gets same 3lpa salary package after 20 years

26, Nov 2016 By dasu

Rourkela: Mr. and Mrs. Ranjith Patnaik, are on cloud nine after they came to know their only son Adithya has been selected for prestigious IT company TCS (Tara Cirus Software) through campus interview. What has made the moment memorable is, Adithya has got same CTC package of 3 lacs per annum which his father got twenty years back.

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While sharing the good news with us, Mrs. Patnaik said, “I do not know what’s the reason, from childhood Adithya has made up his mind to match his father every possible way. When he came to know his father could not crack IIT, finally settled down for NIT (then known as REC) Rourkela, he did his preparation accordingly. Due to God’s grace, he got in to same college, same branch.”

“His next target was to emulate his father in getting same package as Ranjith got in 1996. Luckily for him, IT companies across the board have controlled the cost by offering same salary package to freshers from PV Narasimha Rao time,” said Mrs. Patnaik.

Mrs. Patnaik added, “His friends, our relatives, everyone suggested him to try for Sikkasys, another prestigious IT company headquartered in Bangalore. Sikkasys also came to his college ahead of TCS for campus placement. He did not try for that company because they were offering 3.2 lacs per annum if you include the Sodexo meal vouchers they gave as part of CTC.”

“I remember some time back Adithya clearly told me, Mama, I will not try for any IT company which pays more than 3 lacs per annum. Basically such companies believe in show off that they are different. For few hundred rupees more in-hand monthly salary, they will claim how they are way above industry standard and later they will fire you citing your lack of value addition,” said Mrs. Patnaik.

In the meantime, Adithya is planning to give treat to his college friends. When we asked “will you be able to manage with the same amount Mr. Ranjith did in 1996?” Adithya said, “With that much money, now I can offer everyone single dosa only and he gave his friends a full five course meal. Knowing this my Dad has sent me additional money.”