Monday, 6th April, 2020


Editors Guild of India recommends Delhi shooter Shahrukh's name for Nobel peace Prize

05, Mar 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Shahrukh, who became famous after his video shooting bullets at a Delhi Police Constable during Delhi riots, has been arrested from Uttar Pradesh and brought back to Delhi.

mohd shha

Ever since his return, news websites have been listing out his qualities to cover his arrest, Since yesterday, people following the news have learnt that Shahrukh is a good looking guy who aspires to be a model, is a creative fellow who makes TikTok videos, is a good dancer, and is very calm under pressure.

After covering all his great qualities, journalists have realized that Shahrukh is a great soul who deserves wider recognition,and Editors Guild of India has proposed his name for the next Nobel Peace Prize.

Speaking to Faking News, a highly placed source inside Editors Guild said, “Yes we have recommended his name for the Peace prize because if one man possesses so many great qualities, then he must get recognition. He tried to maintain peace with his gun, he is creative, he calmly went to a night club after the shooting incident, shows how he is at peace with himself, he spread joy around with his dance and his videos, just read the news reports over the past 2 days to see what a great man he is actually.”

Furthermore, our source added, “Police may have arrested him because it is controlled by Amit Shah, and Shah wants Modi to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Shahrukh was a direct competitor for that prize so he took him out like this. However, they must realize that Nobel Prize can be given to people imprisoned by a fascist state, Shahrukh is our Liu Xiaobo.”

Meanwhile, a senior News Editor recommended someone named Anurag for the Nobel Peace Prize.