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Eight tax officers handling GST-related queries on Twitter were found answering each other’s query

13, Feb 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: Finance ministry as per its latest circular has nominated eight tax officers to handle GST related queries on twitter. This was done as many people including some who have no relation with GST were asking too many questions on social media platforms.

How was the day 1 for these eight special officers? Faking news found the eight officers were busy in clarifying each other’s doubt on the social media forums. Looking at this, Finance ministry has appointed a moderator whose job will be keep a close tab on these eight officers.

“GST is evolving process. Though I have gone through all the materials available, what’s wrong in clarifying them with my colleagues out there. End of the day it’s a teamwork and the clarification we give should be consensus one”, said one of the official who did not want to be named.

“We will try this consensus building exercise for a week in the social media, then we will take care of the queries Public will post. Just one more week of hardship. I am sure Public will co-operate with us like they have been doing from July 1st, GST launch date,” said another officer who was an observer throughout the day to improve his own GST knowledge.

However, moderator is not happy. In a stern warning to officers he has said, “Do offline meetings, discuss during your long lunch breaks, but answer the queries public ask. If there is no consensus, just state how many in favor of the answer and how many against, like the way our benches in Supreme court does.”

After moderator’s warning, GST queries panel has answered most of the queries. But like the typical customer care executives reply to their customers, they have given this reply. ‘Thanks for your query. We will come back to you soon’.